Suella Braverman accuses Rishi Sunak of “betrayal” in scathing letter


Mauled the PM for "weak" leadership

Suella Braverman, the former Home Secretary, has launched a blistering attack on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in a letter, accusing him of a "betrayal of your promise to the nation" and criticizing his "weak" leadership.

Claims PM reneged on deal

In her letter, Braverman claims that the PM went back on a deal they made last year. She says he promised to reduce overall legal migration, get tougher on stopping the boats, and protect single sex spaces, but has failed to deliver on these key policies.

Accuses Sunak of lack of preparation

Braverman also accuses Sunak of failing to prepare for any sort of credible Plan B ahead of the upcoming Rwanda ruling. Downing Street insists contingency plans have been made, but Braverman argues that Sunak's "magical thinking" has left them unprepared.

Backlash from right-wing supporters

Braverman's criticism comes as right-wing Tory supporters express concerns over the PM's recent reshuffle, which they see as a move towards the center ground. They accuse the PM of abandoning the voters who brought the party to power.

Sunak defends decision

Despite criticism from within his party, Sunak defends his decision to sack Braverman, citing "issues around language" and the importance of a united and strong government.

Supporters rally behind Braverman

Braverman's supporters argue that she was fired for speaking the truth and accuse Sunak of "caving to the left." They believe her dismissal raises questions about the government's commitment to tackling illegal migration.