Uncontrolled Migration Poses Existential Threat to the West, Warns Home Secretary Suella Braverman


Home Secretary Suella Braverman has stated that uncontrolled migration is a grave threat to Western nations. Speaking at a right-wing think tank event in Washington DC, she argued for a reform of the UN's 1951 Refugee Convention. Braverman highlighted the dangers of uncontrolled immigration, inadequate integration, and misguided multiculturalism, which she believes have had a toxic impact on Europe over the past few decades.

Existential Challenge for the West's Political and Cultural Institutions

Braverman emphasized that uncontrolled migration not only poses a threat to stability but also undermines security. She raised concerns about individuals who are part of society but not fully integrated, warning that in extreme cases, they may pursue lives that aim to undermine stability and threaten security. She further emphasized that the millions of asylum seekers who are incentivized to test the system highlight the urgent need for reform.

A Basic Rule: Borders Must Be Controlled

The Home Secretary highlighted the fundamental rule that political systems that cannot control their borders will not maintain the consent of the people and, as a result, will not endure for long. Braverman warned that the consequences of uncontrolled migration are predictable and stressed the need for proactive measures to avoid potential future challenges.

Small Boats Arrivals Concern

Braverman addressed the issue of small boat arrivals, noting that approximately 24,000 migrants have arrived in this manner so far this year. However, she emphasized that none of those crossing from France are in imminent peril.

Criticism from Amnesty UK

Sacha Deshmukh, the CEO of Amnesty UK, dismissed Braverman's speech as "a display of cynicism and xenophobia." It's worth noting that Amnesty UK is an organization that advocates for the rights of refugees and migrants.

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