EastEnders Linda Carter was Keanu Taylors real killer say fans who think Martin forced her to shoot him


EASTENDERS fans tonight insisted Linda Carter is Keanu Taylor’s real killer after she disappeared on a booze bender during last night’s explosive Christmas episode.

Many viewers believe Martin Fowler found the Queen Vic landlady and forced HER to pull the trigger – as she returned tonight with a black eye and blood on her shoe.

A haunted-looking Linda Carter returned to EastEnders in tonight’s episode

Christmas Days explosive episode saw Martin Fowler drug and kidnap the lad on the orders of Ben Mitchell after his affair with his dad Phils wife Sharon.

But viewers increasingly believe Mick Carter’s wife was the one who actually carried out the murder, writing: “Fully think Martin got Linda to kill Keanu .”

Another wrote: “Omg, Martin definitely forced vulnerable, drunk Linda to shoot and kill Keanu and if that isn’t what we are going to find out on the New Year’s Day flashback episode then I don’t want to know.”

A third tweeted: “Yeah Martin found Linda and forced her to shoot Keanu.”

Martin showed Ben a video showing someone shooting Keanu

Viewers believe Martin used poor Linda as a drunk assassin

Linda returned to the Queen Vic in a Santa costume – and with a black eye

One other speculated: “Linda definitely knows about Keanu she either killed him or is a witness.”

Last night, Martin showed the assassination’s mastermind Ben Mitchell a video of Keanu being shot in some shaky mobile phone footage – but the person wielding the gun was never shown.

Meanwhile, while Linda was seen escaping from hospital and going on a vodka binge, nothing of what else she got up to in the intervening hours was aired.

However, viewers will have to wait to learn what the real truth is, as a special New Year’s episode is set to reveal what actually happened at Christmas in a series of flashbacks.