Ghislaine Maxwell trial update LIVE – Prince Andrew faces lawsuit as Jeffrey Epstein ‘island’ claims emerge during trial


PRINCE Andrew is asking for accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawsuit to be thrown out, as Ghislaine Maxwell could take the stand in her bombshell trial, once it resumes on Thursday.

The Duke of York and his legal team said his accuser has a  “tendency to change her story,” as they fight to get the case tossed.

Giuffre has alleged that Prince Andrew sexually assaulted her three times when she was 17, and that one of the assaults occurred on Jeffrey Epstein’s paedo island.

Meanwhile, prosecutors in Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial rested on Friday after a number of witnesses were called over 10 days, including four alleged accusers and two of Epstein’s former pilots.

As they made their case, the prosecution showed the jury pictures of Maxwell giving Jeffrey Epstein a foot massage and a photo of the duo lounging in the Queen’s cabin at Balmoral.

Maxwell is being charged with several felony counts, some of which include human trafficking charges.

She has denied all charges against her, and her lawyers argue she is being made a “scapegoat” for Epstein’s crimes.

Maxwell will have the chance to take the stand herself, however, defense lawyers usually advise their clients against doing so.

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