Harry and Meghan to communicate via WhatsApp during mega-summit with the Queen, Prince Charles and William


HARRY and Meghan plan to communicate privately using WhatsApp during todays Sandringham summit with the Queen, Prince Charles and Wills.

He will be present at the talks over the couples future royal role while Meghan, who is in Canada, hopes to take part via conference call.

Meghan and Harry have arranged to communicate privately via WhatsApp during tomorrow’s crisis talks

But she and Harry will also use the encrypted phone messaging app to privately exchange strategies during the unprecedented negotiations about their desire to step back from frontline duties.

A royal source said: They want to be able to chat one-to-one as the main players delve into the nitty-gritty of their breakaway.

The summit, called by the Queen, is set to begin at 11am which means Meghan will be taking part remotely at 3am in Vancouver, Canada.


Charles was yesterday in Oman on an official trip following the death of its sultan but is confident of being back at the Queens Norfolk estate in time for the talks.

It will be the first time Harry, Wills, Charles and the Queen have met face-to-face since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their plans to step back and spend part of the year in North America.

The couple want financial independence but also to still represent and support the Royal Family.

The Queen, 93, is keen to solve the crisis and one option under consideration is offering Harry and Meghan a Commonwealth role.

Sorting out their finances could prove trickier.

The couple say they will give up the cash they get from the Sovereign Grant, money the Government gives to fund official duties, which is worth an estimated 2.5million.

The Queen attended church today ahead of her historic summit with Prince Harry tomorrow
She was photographed as she travelled to St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham

Meanwhile Prince Charles has been in Oman attending the funeral of Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said

Prince William has been called to talks – he reportedly told friends of his sadness at the news

But most of their funds come from Prince Charles Duchy of Cornwall estate.

Advisers who have spoken to tax officials here and in Canada say the couple could be hit financially if they split their time between the two countries.

A source said: The biggest row right now is over money. There will be some difficult calculations to be made because Duchy funding goes to pay for office-related costs and money for things like clothes.

So if youre going to be 30 per cent royal and 70 per cent private, how much money should you get?

Its probably going to be a rather boring accounting calculation. In any given year how much of Harry and Meghans work will be official work?

The couple will also need to fund their Sussex Royal charitable foundation. The source added: Theyll have to raise quite a lot of money for their foundation and for themselves.

The money for their foundation will likely come from donors.

The money for themselves will need to come from commercial and other deals. Thats a real pressure point. They have to find a balance.

Civil service head Sir Mark Sedwill has had a key role in plans to offer the couple a Commonwealth role.

Harry and Meghan wish to keep in contact on WhatsApp so they can exchange strategies during the unprecedented negotiations

A source says ‘they want to be able to chat one-to-one as the main players delve into the nitty-gritty of their breakaway’

Sir Edward Young, the Queens private secretary, has coordinated talks with Charles, William and Harrys aides ahead of the summit.

William is expected to travel to Norfolk from his Kensington Palace apartment and Harry from Frogmore Cottage near Windsor Castle.

Harry was in hiding yesterday as public opinion hardened against his and Meghans plans.

He was understood to be reflecting with aides after it was yesterday revealed William is deeply upset by the breakdown in their relationship.

William is reported to have told friends: Ive put my arm around my brother all our lives and I cant do that any more.

Im sad about that. All I can do is try and support them and hope that the time comes when were all singing from the same page.


Courtiers and government officials have drawn up proposals covering a range of possibilities for the royals to review today.

Harry and Meghans desire for a half-way house as members of the monarchy and private individuals making a living has been described as a toxic mix by one royal finances expert.

A central issue that needs resolving is who pays the bill for protecting Harry, Meghan and son Archie if they spend large parts of the year in Canada and America.

Yesterday the 93-year-old Queen visited St Mary Magdalene church near her Norfolk estate.

Grandson Peter Phillips, 42, was asked how she was bearing up. He replied: All right. Some royal fans outside the church were critical of Harry and Meghan.

Georgina Smith, 27, said: Harry is born royal. You cant just leave it if you dont like it. And Meghan knew what she was getting into.

Samuel Skellett, 75, said: I feel very sorry for the Queen. I think Harry and Meghan could have done things very differently. Jean Acton, 70, added: I think theyve done the dirty on the Queen.

The photo of the line of succession was rumoured to have been the last straw for Meghan and Harry

The Queen and senior royals are set to make a deal over Harry and Meghan’s futures at the Sandringham summit