How to master 6 signature Meghan Markle hair styles from her chic messy bun to glossy curls


MEGHAN Markle may have dazzled in a tiara, but it is her spectacular hair that is her true crowning glory. 

The Duchess of Sussex, 38, always gives us hair envy, whether down in show-stopping waves or effortlessly pulled back in her favourite messy bun. 

Meghan Markle’s sensational hair styles often steal the show during public engagements

But how can you nail Meghan’s top hair looks every time?

Fabulous spoke to professional hair stylists about how to achieve the duchess’ top six hair styles…

The messy bun

On numerous occasions we have seen Meghan steal the show with a soft, messy bun. 

Hair guru Simon Hill, owner of Sesh hairdressing, advised: “The top tip to achieve Meghan’s signature messy bun is to create texture in your hair before tying into the bun. 

Meghan often chooses to wear her hair in a stylish messy bun

Hair stylist Simon Hill said you should put your hair in a ponytail before wrapping it into a tousled bun

Loosen strands around the front of your face to give that undone, messy look like Meghan’s

“Notice how Meghan’s hair is always tousled softly round her face, this subtle wave will be created throughout her hair to create texture before it is tied into the bun. 

“Tie your hair into a loose ponytail first and then wrap your hair around the hair tie to create the shape. 

“Use your fingers to gently loosen strands to give that undone/messy look.”

Chic ponytail

The Duchess of Sussex has been seen pulling back her brunette locks into a sleek ponytail

 Meghan wore her hair in a ponytail at Wimbledon on Saturday as she watched the Women's Final with Kate Middleton

Meghan wore her hair in a ponytail at Wimbledon as she watched the Women’s Final with Kate Middleton

Meghan’s fuss-free ponytail looks professional and sophisticated, and has been worn during a number of public appearances. 

Simon said: “You need to ensure your hair is smooth and sleek before you create your ponytail. 

“Use a light hair oil or serum to tame frizz and flyaways and carefully brush your hair backwards. 

“Place the ponytail in the middle of the back of your head halfway between the nape of your neck and the crown of your head. 

“Use a fine tooth comb to remove any bumps.”

Luscious curls

Meghan’s main hair style is keeping her long locks down in flowing waves

Meghan’s go-to style for royal tours and UK-engagements alike has often been having her trademark brunette locks in bouncy waves.

Ross advised: “After gently combing your hair through using a wide tooth comb, take some heat protection spray and mist it over your hair as this look requires heated styling tools. 

“Use your hairdryer to dry your hair smoothly with a sleek, frizz free finish.

“A top tip for this is to hold the hairdryer downwards onto your hair to avoid frizz and add shine.”

 For her first Trooping the Colour in 2018, Meghan wore her beautiful locks down and wavy

For her first Trooping the Colour in 2018, Meghan wore her beautiful locks down and wavy

Ross advised that you use a paddle brush to dry your hair as the base must be smooth. 

He added: “Once your hair is dry, begin to style it with your straightening irons or curling tongs – whichever you find easiest. 

“To achieve this look, wrap your hair around your curling iron towards your face, this will help create a fuller looking wave. 

“It is also important to tong each section of hair the same way.

“When creating a beachy look you would alternate the direction, but for this look it is important to style the hair all the same direction to achieve that full bodied effect. 

“Finish this style with one pump of serum to add gloss and smooth flyaways.”

Sleek and straight

Meghan caused a stir when she wore her hair sleek and straight via a video call at the Girl Up summit

Meghan wowed royal fans during lockdown at her appearance at the virtual Girl Up summit, where she showed off sleek, straight hair with a centre parting. 

Ross revealed: “Straight hair is a classic style and the key to making it look amazing is to prepare your hair correctly. 

“Using only the necessary amount of shampoo – around the size of a fifty pence piece is a good guide – and only apply this to your scalp. 

“Follow this with a repairing conditioner to seal any split ends and repair any damage, only apply this to the lengths and ends of your hair. 

“Dry your hair ensuring the nozzle of the dryer is pointed downwards on your hair to reduce frizz and finish with straightening irons to remove any final kinks.”

Sleek bun

The Lion King premiere was the fourth time the mum-of-one has worn her hair slicked up and back

 The Lion King premiere was the fourth time the mum-of-one has worn her hair slicked up and back following the birth of Archie on May 6

Meghan made the up-do style look effortless, as she greeted Beyonce and Jay Z

While her messy bun has become a signature look for Meghan, we saw her sweep her hair into a slicked-back bun for the red carpet at the Lion King premiere. 

Ross Charles, owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing, said: “The key to her look is the high gloss shine on her hair. 

“Treat your hair to a nourishing hair mask prior to styling as this will reduce any unwanted frizz and make hair much more manageable. 

“This style even works well with damp hair. 

“Brush your hair away from your face and towards the very nape of your neck. 

“You can either tie a ponytail first before twisting the length of your hair round and upwards to give you a bun. 

“Or you can section the ponytail into two before twisting round each other and then wrapping around the base of your ponytail to give a smooth finish. 

“Finish with a generous spritz of hairspray to hold in place.”

Half up

Meghan opted for a half-up, half-down look during her royal tour to Australia

Loosen strands of hair around your face before tying to give a soft and sexy finish to achieve Meghan’s look

Deviating from her usual bun or locks worn down, Meghan wore a half-up style during her royal tour to Australia. 

Ross said: “For Meghan’s classic half up style you can simply use the steps taken to create her luscious waves and then proceed to section the top portion of your hair and tie up to create this look. 

“Be sure to loosen strands of hair around your face before tying to give a soft and sexy finish. 

“You can secure the hair at the back of your head using a hair tie or grips. 

“Use your fingertips to go back in and create a little movement at the crown of your head.” 

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