Jeffrey Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts films BBC interview to shatter Prince Andrews appalling sex denials


JEFFREY Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts has given an interview to the BBC – as the Royal Family braces itself more sordid sex allegations about Prince Andrew.

The 35-year-old now Virginia Giuffre has previously claimed the Duke of York slept with her when she was 17 and branded his recent denial of the claims as appalling.

Virginia Roberts is said to be set to destroy Prince Andrews denials in a new BBC interview
Roberts reportedly gave the interview three weeks ago but it has yet to be aired
Prince Andrew is under massive pressure after his sponsors withdrew their backing for him over his role in the Jeffrey Epstein ‘sex slave’ scandal

The prince claimed in his car crash BBC interview that he did not remember meeting Virginia Roberts, who says she was a 17-year-old sex slave of his paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein.

And Buckingham Palace is now bracing itself for more sordid allegations about the prince after it was revealed Roberts has given an interview to BBCs Panorama, the Mirror reports.

She is said to reiterate her claims he slept with her when she was just 17 after allegedly being trafficked from the US by the royals billionaire paedophile pal Epstein.

The Australian is believed to be furious that her interview, filmed three weeks before Andrews BBC Newsnight chat with Emily Maitlis last week, has not been aired

Prince Andrew is now under massive pressure after sponsors withdrew their backing for him over his role in the Epstein scandal.

City giant KPMG pulled out of his international business platform Pitch@Palace and the Outward Bound charity could also axe him as patron.

City giant KPMG pulled out of Andrew’s international business platform Pitch@Palace

Sources say the Duke isn’t aware of the backlash around his repeated denials of any sexual relationship with Virginia Roberts

A lawyer demanded Andrew give a statement to FBI agents probing his paedophile pal Epstein

Sources also said the scandal had placed growing strain on the Queen, who is currently having to cope without retired Prince Philip

A lawyer demanded Andrew give a statement to FBI agents probing his paedophile pal Epstein.

Spencer Kuvin, representing alleged US sex slaves, said: Royalty has failed the victims.

Concerns are also growing within the Royal Family about the increasing pressure on the Queen as the monarchy is plunged into crisis over Andrew.

The 93-year-old monarch who went riding at Windsor Castle on Monday has been struggling without the companionship of Prince Philip, 98.

He is staying at Sandringham as he significantly scales back his private activities following a wobble a few weeks ago.

A source close to Roberts told The Mirror: She has made no bones about her thoughts on the dukes denial, and did not to Panorama.

She has asked him to come clean, but she feels if anything hes put more dirt in the water.

The source added: Her legal team are at a loss as to why the interviews have not been broadcast.

All other broadcasters have aired their interviews almost immediately but not the BBC.

“Several people working on Virginias case question why it has been held back and wonder if it was not to jeopardise the interview with the duke.

During her interview, she was asked why she thought Andrew had remained silent. Of course that now is no longer the case.

A lawyer demanded Andrew give a statement to FBI agents probing his paedophile pal Epstein.

Spencer Kuvin, representing alleged US sex slaves, said: Royalty has failed the victims.

On another disastrous day for the beleaguered Duke of York after his nightmare BBC interview on Saturday:

  • HE was accused of using the N-word in a conversation with a business expert of Sri Lankan descent in 2012. He denied the allegation;
  • SOURCES said the scandal had placed growing strain on the Queen, who is having to cope without retired Prince Philip while Prince Charles is on a tour in New Zealand;
  • STUDENTS voted in favour of lobbying Andrew to stand down as chancellor of Huddersfield University;
  • FRIENDS said he wished he had expressed more sympathy for billionaire Epsteins victims; and
  • POLICE in France issued an English language appeal for women who may have been assaulted by Epstein at his Paris flat to come forward.

In the interview, Andrew denied any sexual relationship with alleged victim Virginia Roberts, then aged 17.

Sources tonight said the Prince still had the support of The Queen understood to believe him 100 per cent.

But Mr Kuvin, who represents three of Epsteins victims, told HOAR: There was a sense of astonishment from them about the interview.

Prince Andrew said he didnt regret the friendship with Epstein because this child molester was able to introduce him to some important people. That just baffled me.

And not only is the heir to the throne not on hand to help deal with the fallout from Andrews Newsnight interview, his team at Clarence House are likely to be furious that the TV debacle has overshadowed the tour.

On Monday night a royal source revealed: The Queen is under strain. Shes telling everyone shes fine because thats what she does.

But shes 93 and its obvious this is going to take a real toll, so everyone is incredibly concerned.

We yesterday revealed claims that Andrew flew on a private jet with Epstein and his alleged 17-year-old sex slave Virginia Roberts, according to the pilot.

The allegation, made in court papers, is the first to place Andrew and Roberts on Epsteins plane together.

In court testimony David Rodgers, 66, said one trip saw Epstein, Andrew and the then 17-year-old Virginia heading to the US Virgin Islands.

The prince beams as he parties with American socialite Chris Von Aspen, pictured here hanging off of him in July 2008

Prince Andrew is pictured here with Canadian socialite Pascale Bourbeau at the 2007 Saint-Tropez bash

The Duke of York smiles widely as Von Aspen nestles into his neck at the party

Prince Andrew drew is seen standing amongst a group of revellers at a Hookers and Pimps-themed Halloween party in New York in October 2000
Prince Andrew is seen with Canadian socialite Pascale Bourbeau at a party in Saint-Tropez in July 2007
His daughter Beatrice was also pictured at the shindig

The financier, who killed himself in jail in August ahead of a trial for sex trafficking minors, had a private island there where he is said to have held orgies involving under-age girls.

It comes as the Duke of York was seen in snaps cosying up to a string of women in unearthed party pictures – despite claiming he avoided public displays of affection.

He appeared to sweat as he hit the dancefloor at the exclusive bashes in Saint-Tropez, France, in 2007 and 2008.

The prince – who bizarrely claimed he “doesn’t sweat” and avoids PDAs in a “car crash” BBC interview- is pictured at a wild party thrown by wine tycoon Claude Ott.


It was just weeks after his disgraced friend Jeffrey Epstein was prosecuted for trafficking an underage girl.

A year earlier, in July 2007, photographs from another bash further trash his claims of avoiding partying and PDAs.

The Duke of York insisted in his “car crash” BBC interview that despite his jet-setting “Randy Andy” reputation he definitely wasn’t some kind of party prince.

However, he is pictured embracing a number of women including socialite Chris Von Aspen in Saint-Tropez – and holds onto her as she tries to lick his face.

Another picture shows a woman kissing his neck.

His denials that he’s a partying prince who likes to cuddle up to women in public are on shaky ground after a catalogue of snaps emerged after his TV interview.

Photos have emerged of the Prince cosying up to bikini-clad beauties in the Riviera

In this photo Prince Andrew is seen leaning in to give a bikini-clad beauty a peck on the cheek

The pictures -taken in 2002 - come after the Royal said he wasn't one for showing affection in public

The pictures – taken in 2002 – come after Prince Andrew said he wasn’t one for showing public affection

Andrew has been on the guestlists of dozens of A-list parties

Other party images show Prince Andrew at a party with German supermodel Heidi Klum

The Prince insists he is not big on public displays of affection

The under-fire prince insists he is not big on public displays of affection

Other startling images show the Royal chatting to German supermodel Heidi Klum

Prince Andrew has attended dozens of A-list parties all over the world