Meghan Markle news – Worried Queen forced to use ‘ring of steel’ to avoid Prince Harry’s Netflix crew storming her life


THE QUEEN will be surrounded by a a “ring of steel” and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been told by royal aides to not “even think” about using the Monarch as content, a royal expert has said.

Royal expert, Russell Myers, says Buckingham Palace aides have put a strict cordon around the Queen.

Mr Myers told the US outlet Today: “There is an absolute ring of steel around the Queen in terms of her advisors.

“I mean, they certainly would be advising Harry and Megan to not even think about it for a second, but who knows what they will do?

“They would definitely have been advised not to speak to Oprah Winfrey not to speak to Gayle King not to speak to the American journalists last week and yet they still keep on doing it.

“I mean, it makes you wonder how much the family can take anymore and I’m sure Prince William has got his head in his hands as Prince Charles as every time they pop up on the television.”

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