Piers Morgan slams ‘disgusting’ death threats to sons after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle row


PIERS Morgan has described the death threats his sons received after the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle row as “disgusting”.

His boys – Spencer, Stanley and Albert – were targeted by trolls online amid the furore, leaving Piers furious. 

Piers Morgan is furious that his sons have been targeted

The former GMB host opened up about the abuse during his latest interview with Extra’s Billy Bush.

He said: “All I can say is there were 57,000 complaints against me, which were driven by an online mob that came for me all day, came for members of my family, who were abusing my sons all day long, issuing death threats to them.”

Asked if his wife Celia Walden supported him, he said: “My wife’s always been completely supportive about this, but she hates the online abuse…

Piers in a rare picture with all three sons – Albert, Spencer and Stanley

Piers with his sons Spencer and Stanley

“The idea my sons had to be targeted by so-called liberals in a way that was threatening to them, abusive to them… is completely disgusting.”

The TV host had boys Spencer, Stanley and Albert with his first wife Marion Shalloe.

After marrying fellow journalist Celia, they welcomed Elise in 2011.

Piers and his family have been subject to abuse after the 55-year-old said he doesn’t believe many of the claims Meghan Markle made in her recent interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Piers and GMB co-star Alex Beresford clashed over their take on the chat during an episode of the breakfast show last month.

Piers spoke to Billy Bush on Extra about the infamous Meghan and Harry interview
Piers has continued to say he doesn’t believe most of what Meghan had to say in her interview with Oprah

Piers says his wife Celia has been very supportive

Alex criticised Piers for his coverage on the interview, which resulted in Piers storming off set.

That evening Piers stood down from the programme after 41,000 people complained to Ofcom over his remarks about Meghan.

During his interview yesterday, Piers claimed he had been sent messages on behalf of “several” royals over his coverage of the Meghan interview.  

Piers is very protective over his sons and daughter Elise

But he refused to say if the messages he said were sent to him about his Harry and Meghan coverage came from senior members of the Windsor clan.

Piers said: “I’ve had some messages communicated to me on behalf on several members of the Royal Family.

“I’m not going to go into who it was… but gratitude that somebody was standing up.”