Prince Harry Urged to ‘Back Off’ King Charles Amid Cancer Diagnosis, Royal Expert Claims


A royal expert has cautioned Prince Harry to give King Charles some space after the monarch's recent cancer diagnosis, which was discovered during a prostate operation.

Royal Warning

Prince Harry advised to 'back off' King Charles following shock cancer diagnosis.

Expert Advice

Royal commentator suggests Harry should refrain from publicizing his actions with Meghan Markle.

Whilst Prince Harry hurried from LA to be with his father during this challenging time, editor in chief of Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward, expressed concerns over the Prince's impulsive behavior. Seward mentioned that the stress of Harry's actions may not have been beneficial to the King's recovery. She highlighted the impact of Harry's quick visit, emphasizing the financial cost and mental stress involved.

Quality Time

Expert suggests Harry should have waited and spent quality time with his father.

In addition to advising Harry to give his father some space, the royal expert suggested that the Duke of Sussex should consider leading a more private life without constantly publicizing his and Meghan Markle's activities. Seward mentioned that a touch of humility might help the couple gain more popularity than their current approach of frequent PR announcements.

Call for Humility

Expert recommends Harry and Meghan adopt a more humble approach to gain popularity.

Following a revealing interview where Harry expressed hopes that Charles' fight against cancer could mend the royal family's strained relationships, the Duke of Sussex emphasized his love for his family and his gratitude for the time spent with his father. Harry hinted at the potential for the King's illness to bring the family closer together.

Royal Reconciliation

Harry believes Charles' illness could reunite the family.

Ingrid Seward also echoed the sentiment, suggesting that a dose of humility could be beneficial for Harry and Meghan if they aim to improve their public image and standing within the royal family.