Royal Expert Claims Sarah Ferguson Will Never Leave “Arrogant” Andrew After Secret Chat With Late Queen


Remaining Loyal to Andrew

A royal expert has revealed why Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, continues to stay close to her ex-husband Prince Andrew despite their divorce. Ingrid Seward shared insights on their relationship dynamics and the loyalty Fergie holds towards Andrew.

A Unique Relationship with the Queen

The late Queen Elizabeth's special bond with Prince Andrew could be a key reason why Sarah Ferguson remains by his side. Unlike with other royal children, the Queen had a unique connection with Andrew, which could have influenced Sarah's decision to stay close to him.

Protecting Andrew Through Scandals

Despite Prince Andrew's involvement in various scandals, Sarah Ferguson stands by him. The royal expert believes that her loyalty towards Andrew stems from his support during her own controversies, leading her to protect him in return.

No Plans for Remarriage

While there have been speculations about a potential remarriage between Sarah and Andrew, the royal expert suggests that such a reunion is unlikely. Sarah Ferguson's independence and unique identity as the Duchess of York may make a remarriage unnecessary for both parties.

Prince Charles' Opposition

On the flip side, Prince Charles is reportedly against the idea of Fergie rejoining the royal family. Sources close to the heir suggest that past incidents have strained their relationship, with Charles harboring negative feelings towards Sarah Ferguson.