Queen Elizabeth news – Prince Charles is a bigger problem than Harry AND Andrew, worried royal experts fear


PRINCE Charles could pose an even greater threat to the Firm than both Andrew and Harry, a royal expert has claimed.

According to The Times, young Brits are sceptical of Prince Charles, with worries “about foreign donations and associated misjudgments” looming over his head.

Moreover, with Andrew and Harry “fading from relevance”, royal experts are worried that these criticisms of Charles could cause serious trouble for the royal family in the near future.

Speaking in The Times, royal expert Libby Purves said: “Thinking about these two maverick family members, fading into irrelevance, I came to the slightly dismaying conclusion that if there is a real difficulty in the dynasty, it is the heir himself, Prince Charles.

“Even apart from the troublesome charity financial stuff, he’s an elderly man, mid-seventies, not a focus of modern informality like William and Kate.”

Fears over Charle’s questionable relationship to charity were compounded recently, when news emerged that he accepted £1million from Osama bin Laden’s family.

He took the cash from brothers of the terrorist mastermind behind 9/11 and it was eventually deposited into his charity, the Sunday Times said.

Issues such as these pose a serious threat to the Firm, Purves claims, as young people question the role of royalty after Her Majesty’s reign ends.

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