Royal family news – Harry ‘DESTROYED hope of Queen & Prince Charles reunion as crisis ‘too big’ for ally Eugenie to fix’


Meghan and Harry sent the royals into crisis mode with their bombshell Oprah interview in March, while Harry has continued to keep the family on edge with revelations ever since.

And Phil Dampier believes any chance of bringing the family back together again soon remains slim.

“I don’t think there is much chance of a reconciliation between anyone at the moment and I wouldn’t have thought Eugenie is in a position to [help] – even though she is matey with [Meghan and Harry],” he said.

Eugenie is understood to be closer to Harry than her sister Beatrice is and may even have been the one to introduce him to Meghan. But any moves to help the family reach a positive future are likely to be supported by Beatrice, who is marking her 33rd birthday today.

Mr Dampier continued: “I’m sure that Beatrice will support any moves by Eugenie to try and build bridges and get a dialogue going between William and Harry. I think they’ll be a bit concerned about some of the stuff that has been said but obviously a bit more sympathetic than some of the older royals.”

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