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The Queen is said to be getting through more treats than usual

Here’s what’s going on with the famous family today

The Queen is getting through more nibbles than ever before – and is particularly keen on sweet treats

Staff members are said to have noticed that the usual selection of goodies served for the sovereigns afternoon tea are disappearing from plates faster than usual.

An insider at the palace said: And thats not just because theyre being snaffled by the corgis, HM is getting through more nibbles these days.

Chef Darren McGrady, who worked in the Buckingham Palace kitchens for 15 years, says the Queen, 93, has always had a sweet tooth.

Prince Charles felt the Queen was a cold and distant mother – but she didnt want to burden him with royal duties as a boy

Charles is said to have called his mother ‘cold, distant, or unavailable’ growing up

The Netflix hit series The Crown hints that the real life bond between the monarch and her son has fractures – and a royal source claims this portrayal may not be entirely fictional.

Speaking to Fabulous Digital, the source said: The relationship between the Queen and Prince Charles has always been complicated, even as a bond between a mother and her eldest son, let alone as a complex entanglement of expectations and shared history between a monarch and her heir.

In private Charles has often accused his mother of being cold, distant, or unavailable (the Queen spent a large amount of his early childhood travelling abroad).

Kate Middleton hailed as a national treasure, humble and so genuine after her charity show with Mary Berry

Kate Middleton has been hailed as a “national treasure” after her appearance on BBC’s A Berry Royal Christmas

TheDuchess of Cambridge, 37, opened up to the British food writer, 84, on how she tries to make life as down-to-earth as possible for her three children.

Speaking on BBCs A Berry Royal Christmas, which aired on Monday, Kate told Mary how she strongly believes in the benefits of being outdoors and cooking. 

On the show, she revealed: We grow our own vegetables. Weve got carrots, beans, beetroot – a massive favourite – Louis absolutely loves beetroot.

Charlotte obviously likes her Charlotte potatoes.

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