Sheriff’s deputy fired for ‘vowing he’s “ready to kill” anyone who tries to vaccinate his kids or make him wear a mask’


A DEPUTY for a Virginia sheriff’s office has been fired after he allegedly claimed he was “ready to kill” anyone who tried to vaccine his children.

Aaron Hoffman was fired after an internal affairs investigation was launched by the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Glendell Hill said in a statement on Saturday.

Aaron Hoffman has been fired as a deputy with the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office after allegedly making death threats on Parler
Hoffman also allegedly called for violence against Chief Justice John Roberts and boasted that he was waiting for a suppressor to be cleared by the ATF

Hoffman allegedly wrote: “I will kill anyone that touches my children without my consent. Not a threat, but a promise!”

Washington D.C. council approved a bill in October allowing children to get vaccines without parental consent, the Washington Post reported.

Freelance journalist Molly Conger revealed Hoffman’s disturbing comments in a lengthy Twitter thread including screenshots of posts he allegedly made to the Parler.

The microblogging site is known for its use by conspiracy theorists and right-wing extremists who support President Donald Trump.

Hoffman allegedly said he would ‘kill’ anyone who vaccinates his children without his consent

Hoffman also allegedly claimed ‘no one seems bold enough’ to confront him for not wearing masks in public amid the coronavirus pandemic

Conger said Hoffman’s identity was discovered using a reverse image search of his profile picture on the platform, despite allegedly using the pseudonym wethepeople.

Hoffman, who has been employed as a deputy for 15 years, claimed in an interview with The Washington Post that he had been hacked and did not post the alarming comments.

“I did not make those posts,” Hoffman said. “I’m trying to figure out who did.”

The ex-deputy told the outlet he plans to consult with an attorney after losing his job and claims he is “in no way a threat to the public.”

In one post, Hoffman allegedly reveals that he works in law enforcement, writing: “Some of us will keep our badge on and enforce the constitution upon those who attack ‘We The People.’”

Hoffman allegedly aid that Trump supporters need to “wake the f**k up” and realize that marching in protests is not enough, supporters need to “physically take back your states.”

“Your pride makes you think marching is making a difference and at least you are a part of something, but reality is much darker,” he allegedly wrote.

Screenshots taken from Parler show an account belonging to Hoffman telling supporters of Donald Trump to ‘take back your states’

Screenshots show that Hoffman also allegedly called for ‘violent revolutionary action’

Hoffman also appeared to threaten violence against liberal politicians and officials

In one post, Hoffman allegedly said ‘the only way’ he would visit D.C. is armed

“Physically take back your states!!! Not by votes, phone calls or emails, but by force. Now is the time and DC is not the target.”

Hoffman also allegedly demanded “violent revolutionary action” while boasting for a weapons suppressor to be cleared by the ATF.

“Find the homes of every Governor, mayor, attorney general, liberal judge, senator, congressman and every major media/social media CEO … find them, remove them from their sanctuary,” Hoffman allegedly wrote.

He added: “Bring the nightmare to where they lay their heads and kiss their loved ones.”

Hoffman also allegedly said “the only way I’m entering DC” is armed.

“Now is the time for action. Violent revolutionary action against the enemy inside our gates. DC is meaningless without the states and most representatives will be attending remotely from their homes,” Hoffman allegedly said.

Hoffman also boasted about his arsenal, including pictures of Daniel Defense DDM4 – described on the company website as an “AR pistol.”

“I have two … one will be permanently suppressed (for travel) and the other is supersonic,” Hoffman allegedly claimed.

Hoffman is also reported to have advocated for violence against Chief Justice John Roberts specifically when the Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton seeking to overturn the results of the election for President Trump.

In one of the posts, Hoffman claimed that his life “needs to be shortened,” reports said.