Coronation Street Actress Helen Flanagan Takes Playful Swipe at Ex-Fiancé Scott Sinclair in TikTok Video


Helen Flanagan, known for her role in Coronation Street, recently posted a lighthearted video on social media aimed at her ex-fiancé, Scott Sinclair. The couple, who were together for 13 years, split in October last year. Flanagan, who shares three children with Sinclair, took to TikTok to share a funny clip with the caption: "POV – when your babies are about to go to their dad's."

Playful Dig at Ex

In the video, Flanagan can be seen lip-syncing to an audio clip from the movie Norbit, making a playful jab at her ex. She says, "Little Miss Skinny B**** gonna be there?" The clip then cuts to her son, Charlie, as the audio continues: "Oh, you mean Miss Ling Ling?" Flanagan mouths, "Oh, you know damn well I ain't talking about no Miss Ling Ling. I'm talking about Miss Thing Thing from that picnic." However, she quickly clarifies, "Just jokes."

Moving On and Dating Again

Flanagan recently revealed that she is dating again and has signed up to a celebrity matchmaking app called Raya. She shared with her fans, "I am signed up to a dating app, I don't know if I can actually say what the dating app is or not, but – this sounds so cringe – it's like a celebrity dating app in a way."

New Chapter for Helen Flanagan

After her split from Scott Sinclair, Helen Flanagan is embracing a new chapter in her life. Through a playful TikTok video, she shows that she has a sense of humor about the situation while also moving forward and exploring new opportunities in the dating world.

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