EastEnders’ Pregnant Character Whitney Dean in Critical Condition After Being Hit by Speeding Vehicle


Heroic Act Turns Tragic

Heavily pregnant Whitney Dean, portrayed by actress Shona McGarty, was left fighting for her life after being struck by a car in a dramatic episode of EastEnders.

A Noble Rescue

Whitney risked her own safety to save neglected youngster Britney from being hit by a speeding car.

A Heart-Wrenching Decision

Despite being 28 weeks pregnant, Whitney couldn't stand by and watch Britney suffer, drawing from her own troubled past to offer the young girl a better future.

A Shocking Turn of Events

Amidst a tense confrontation with Britney's mother, Whitney's selfless act leads to a harrowing accident that leaves her life hanging in the balance.

Will Whitney Survive?

As the episode concludes with Whitney lying motionless on the ground, the fate of both her and her unborn child remains uncertain. Will she pull through?