Diogo Jota says he can beat any other footballer in a 1v1 match – but there’s a catch


LIVERPOOL forward Diogo Jota has revealed that he’s been training for particular 1v1 matches.

He revealed that he’s already beat Trent Alexander-Arnold, and he’s willing to take on others.

Jota thinks he can take anyone on.

In an interview with FourFourTwo, the Liverpool star spoke openly about his esports team.

Focused on the FIFA series, Jota says he can even take on professional players in the game.

Jota was even briefly ranked world no. 1 on FIFA Ultimate Team after winning an impressive 30 games in a row.

Despite believing in the professionals in his team, he also brags that he can hold his own against them.

Jota says: “I have an esports team and sometimes I do better than my own players – not because they’re bad, but because I can actually compete with them! 

“That feels really nice – when you can compete with people who only do that for a living.”

This isn’t just his players trying to impress the boss, as Jota reveals that he’s taken down other professionals.

He says: “I often get involved in competitions with the professional FIFA players, which happen once or twice a month, and I do win some games.”

While Jota has taken down professional FIFA players, he has tried his luck with regular footballers as well.

His match against Alexander-Arnold wasn’t just a simple friendly, as they pair were competing in the finals of a Premier League tournament.

He explains: “I played Trent Alexander-Arnold in the final in the Premier League Invitational during lockdown.

“I was representing Wolves back then and he was representing Liverpool, and I beat him. 

“He doesn’t play that often nowadays, so I don’t think there’s a guy who could beat me!”

Jota was also asked about fellow Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, but admits that he doesn’t think Ronaldo plays games.

He doesn’t think there is any other player that could take him on when it comes to the virtual pitch.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.