EA Sports FC 24 to Give Away Massive UT Pack with Nearly 100 Players


Get Ready for a Huge Reward

EA Sports FC 24 is reportedly set to give away a massive number of players in an upcoming holiday promotion. This will be the largest group of rewards ever given away in the game or its predecessor, FIFA.

What's in the Pack?

According to reliable leaks, the pack will include a whopping 88 cards, with three guaranteed 85+ rated cards. The other 85 cards will be Rare Gold cards, which can include players, items, or other rewards.

How to Get It

There is a catch, however. To receive this incredibly rare pack, players will need to have logged in and played EA Sports FC 24 on 30 separate days. While they don't have to be consecutive days, only dedicated players will be able to claim this pack. But there is still time to meet the requirement before the pack drops.

No Release Date Yet

As of now, there is no official release date for the pack, but it's expected to drop before the end of the year. Players can check how many separate days they have played EA Sports FC 24 and make up any additional days needed to qualify.

While this upcoming Ultimate Team pack is still just a rumor, it's worth playing every day just in case it becomes a reality.

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