Danielle Harold Leaves Pete Wicks Out of I’m A Celeb Wrap Party Tribute


EastEnders Star Danielle Harold snubs Pete Wicks after growing close at I’m A Celebrity wrap party

Danielle Harold, known for her role in EastEnders, subtly snubbed Pete Wicks after the two grew close at the I’m A Celebrity wrap party. Harold shared a photo of herself with her co-stars Fred Sirieix, Frankie Dettori, Nick Pickard, and Marvin Humes, praising them as “gentlemen.” However, Pete Wicks was noticeably absent and didn’t receive a mention in her gushing tribute.

Getting Close

Earlier this week, it was reported that Pete was chatting up Danielle at the I’m A Celebrity reunion. The two were seen laughing and enjoying each other’s company at the hotel bar, mingling with other cast members’ family and friends. Sources say they continue to enjoy their time together and were affectionate in public, with their closeness on display at the beach club and the wrap party.

Tame Antics

Despite the seemingly close relationship between Danielle and Pete, the wrap party was described as tame, with all the stars retiring to bed by 11pm. Danielle herself left the party early to pick up a takeaway from reception. An insider noted that the campmates, after spending three weeks in the jungle, didn’t seem up for a late-night party.