Here’s how you can earn even more Fortnite Battle Pass XP this season


FORTNITE update v18.40 is live and has added new ways for players to earn Battle Pass XP.

This season has been criticised for how it’s handled XP but Epic has now made it possible to get XP in other Fortnite game modes.

Epic lets players earn Battle Pass XP in two additional game modes

Fortnite Save the World

First up is the PvE Save the World mode that pits players against AI monster hordes while working together.

Completing missions in the co-op campaign will now reward players with accolades.

Accolades grant XP, with the amount being dependent on the badges earned during the mission.

While most of the XP comes from simply completing missions, there are other activities that’ll reward you as well:

  • Looting materials
  • Weapons crafting
  • Defeating Husks
  • Map exploration

Fortnite Creative Mode

Fortnite Creative mode allows players to make their own games and experiences.

The update added a new tool to the Creator repertoire called the Accolade device.

Basically, it lets Creators “design achievements or accomplishments that players can complete to earn Battle Pass XP”.

So anyone playing their map can mop some Battle Pass XP if the Creator has allowed it.

Accolades can be customised, so you can attribute a name, type, value, and trigger.

So if you’re looking for more ways to boost your Battle Pass XP — maybe to tick off that last Fortnite refer-a-friend challenge — you’ve got some more options.

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