Liverpool’s Diogo Jota surprises fans with controversial goal celebration – but the meaning may shock you!


Diogo Jota, the Liverpool forward, has caused quite a buzz with his latest goal celebration. While his skills on the pitch are impressive, it was the gesture he made after scoring against West Ham United that caught everyone's attention.

A saucy symbol or a clever tribute?

Jota raised his arms above his head and formed his hands into an upside-down triangle shape. This gesture, in some countries, is seen as a racy symbol due to its resemblance to a 'lady garden'.

However, it seems that Jota's celebration had a different meaning altogether. In a tweet after the match, he tagged the official account for EA Sports FC and asked for their thoughts on his new celebration. It turns out Jota was imitating the logo for EA FC 24, which features an upside-down triangle with the game's name inside.

EA Sports responded with an eyes emoji, but it seems that Jota's fans weren't as thrilled. One user called the celebration "awful" but still praised the player's skills, while another threatened to "quicksell" him if he continued with FIFA-inspired celebrations.

A love for football both on and off the pitch

Jota is not the only footballer who enjoys spending time playing virtual football. Many players, like him, share their love for both EA FC and Football Manager.

It seems that fans love both Liverpool and EA FC 24, but perhaps they prefer these two worlds to remain separate.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.