Millions Warned not to Buy Latest Big Game due to Frustrating Bug


Gamers across the country have been left furious after a highly anticipated triple-A release has been plagued with issues at launch. The newest installment in the popular bank heist series, Payday 3, has been deemed a failure by players due to a frustrating bug.

Constant Server Errors and Multiple Login Screens

Many players have reported being unable to even start the game, with multiple screens to sign in and constant server errors hindering their progress. Payday 3 requires players to work together online in order to complete missions, meaning they need to be consistently online throughout gameplay.

However, the cooperative nature of the game has led to issues when players first sign in. They are faced with a series of login and agreement screens, and if there is a server error at any point, they have to start the process all over again.

The developer has acknowledged the problem on Twitter but has not disclosed the exact cause. They are currently working on a fix, but there is no concrete timeline for when the game will be stable enough to play.

Early Access and Xbox Game Pass

Those who purchased the Silver Edition or higher paid extra for early access to the game, among other in-game bonuses. However, even these players encountered issues during the three-day early access period.

Since the game's full release, including its availability on Xbox Game Pass, the problems have only worsened. Payday 3 has received mixed to poor reviews on almost every platform, largely due to the ongoing server errors.

Wait for Updates Before Purchasing

Players have been strongly advised to hold off on purchasing Payday 3 until further updates are released. This will help ensure a smoother gaming experience and prevent frustration from the current server issues.

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