Six savvy tips to stay warm this winter without buying a new coat


FEELING the chill? As the temperature drops, it’s time to wrap up. But investing in a winter wardrobe can be expensive. Instead of buying a new coat to keep you warm, try these simple alternatives.


Start by giving your coat a thorough cleaning. A professional dry-clean is around £20 but, if you can’t stretch to that, hang your coat on a rail to air it out and remove any musty smell, before dabbing a damp cloth on any visible stains.


Crumpled sleeves or hems? Wool coats should respond well to being hung up for a few days — or you could try hanging yours in the bathroom, where the steam from the shower should work its magic on any creases. Leave it in a warm room for a few more days, to dry, and the wrinkles should drop out.


Check for wobbly buttons, fraying hems or loose threads. A little stitching can go a long way in maintaining your coat’s appearance. If you’re new to repairs, follow the simple tutorials at


Certain coats might need re-waxing to ensure a waterproof finish for the winter. While companies such as Barbour offer this service, you can do it at home using a product like Gold Label Waterproof Wax, which was £9.72, now £8.79, at


Modernise your coat’s look with some new accessories. A silk or oversized scarf can give your jacket a modern twist. Another option for this season is to take an existing leather belt and feed it through the belt loops on your coat — which will give it a different look.


If you really can’t rescue last year’s coat, why not buy a pre-loved item instead? Look online at to pick up bargains, such as a secondhand Zara winter coat for £25.50.

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