New handheld gaming PC is on the way – and it’s more powerful than the Steam Deck


ASUS has revealed an upcoming handheld gaming PC much like the popular Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck is the only system like this currently on the market that is powerful enough to play the most popular PC games.

A first look at the upcoming handheld.

Asus’ ROG Ally was first announced on April Fool’s, making many people believe it was a joke.

However, more details have come out since with more information on the Steam Deck competitor.

The ROG Ally will have very impressive specifications, including a 1080p screen capable of running games at 120fps.

By comparison, the Steam Deck’s screen is only 800p and can run up to 60fps.

Asus’ handheld will also feature a custom AMD chip, which means it could also be a lot more powerful than the Deck.

Alongside the higher specifications, it also looks a lot sleeker than the Steam Deck.

It’s slimmer, more compact, and about 60g lighter, making it more comfortable for long gaming sessions.

The ROG Ally will also run Windows 11, compared to the Deck’s Linux system, which can run a larger library of games.

However, Windows is more susceptible to problems than Linux, which could cause problems down the road.

Asus also plans to offer an external GPU that would further boost the specifications, but makes it less of a portable system.

The price is yet to be released, but Asus has announced that it will be priced “competitively”.

This does not mean that it will be the same price as the Steam Deck, and it is likely to be more expensive looking at the specs.

One of the most important aspects of a handheld console, the battery life, is still a mystery.

This will be a deciding factor for many consumers looking to buy a handheld PC.

The release date for the handheld seems a way off yet, but we’re excited to find out more.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.