The British Army’s Attempt to Recruit Fortnite Players Comes to a Halt


Debunking the Myth of Video Game Violence

For years, there has been a misconception that violent video games lead to real-world violence. However, studies have shown that playing these games actually decreases real-world aggression, as players find an outlet for their anger within the game. Fortnite, a popular video game among children and young people, is a perfect example of this.

An Animated Battle Royale

Despite its popularity, Fortnite is not a particularly violent game. Its vibrant and animated art style sets it apart from other shooters. In the main mode, players engage in a battle royale, where colorful characters fight against each other to be the last one standing. While guns, knives, and rocket launchers are available, the gameplay is far from realistic.

An Unexpected Collaboration

Recently, the official Army Jobs Twitter account announced a collaboration with two popular streamers, Yung Filly and Elz The Witch. The plan was to livestream a match on a custom army-style island designed to attract young players. However, this collaboration has raised eyebrows and sparked controversy.

A Violation of Rules

It turns out that the custom map created for the livestream violated Fortnite's content rules. According to Eurogamer, the rules state that commercial content and sponsors must not promote military enrollment. As a result, the custom map is currently undergoing moderation and has not been made available to players.

No Comment from the Army

The British Army has since removed all posts related to the island and the livestream. They have not provided any comment or explanation regarding the situation. The streamers involved have also removed their posts, leaving uncertainty about whether the livestream will proceed.

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