Who is Nicole Scherzingers boyfriend and who else has she dated?


CELEBRITY X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger’s private life has hit the headlines once again after it emerged she is dating Try Stars Thom Evans.

The singer is the latest in a series of men Nicole has dated and now, we will take a look at the lucky guys were lucky to have dated the Hawaiian beauty in the past.

Thom Evans

It was reported that Nicole was seen partying late with one-third of Celebrity X-Factor group Try Star.

The rumours the two were dating intensified after she was seen out with the rugby player.

Show insiders previously told HOAR how the pair flirted and texted for weeks before Thom, 34, finally asked out 41-year-old singer Nicole.

An ITV source said: Thom is completely Nicoles type. And for his part, Thom was smitten early on hes always said Nicole is one of the most beautiful women in the world. And after weeks of texting, Thom finally plucked up the courage to ask her out, and took her for dinner.”

It is apparent that Nicole voted Try Star off X-Factor to save their romance from being mocked.

Nicole Scherzinger’s friends have reportedly begged her to stop dating Try Star’s Thom Evans because they fear he will break her heart.

Grigor Dimitrov

Nicole likes her sports stars doesn’t she?

After parting ways with Lewis, Nicole began dating Grigor Dimitrov in 2015.

They also split for a short while in 2017 before getting back together.

Reports gathered momentum that the two had broken up early last year, but that denied by Nicole.

The end was near though as former Pussycat Dolls member announced this past summer on Australia’s Got Talent that she is single.

Having two very different and busy schedules made it difficult for the couple and ultimately they were unable to sustain their relationship.

Lewis Hamilton

Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton had an on and off relationship with 41-year-old Scherzinger.

Lewis and Nicole were on and off for seven years before they split for good in 2015.

The pair met at the 2007 MTV VMA Awards.

The Brit said he and Nicole broke up because he was too focused on his career and endeavouring to win more championships.

Nicole however gave a slightly different reason for the breakup, stating that she had become too comfortable and complacent with Lewis.


Nick Cannon

Actor Nick Cannon got a little loose-lipped during a radio interview in 2014 with a personality called Big Boy, and suggested he had once slept with gorge Nicole.

Asked to name famous women he had relations with, one of the names he mentioned was Nicole Scherzinger.

Nicole has never gone on record and spoken publicly about her relationship with the man once married to Mariah Carey.

Talan Torriero

The judge once had a relationship with American actor Talan Torreiro.

The 33-year-old once starred in a reality series called Laguna Beach.

Nicole enjoyed a romance with Talan Torriero for years beginning in 2005 and ending in 2007.

Talan was once engaged to Rod Stewart‘s daughter Kimberly Stewart.

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