UK Couple Devastated After Winning £1 Million Lotto Jackpot, Only to Be Scammed


A lucky couple from Greater Manchester, Fred and Maureen Holt, were left empty-handed after being scammed out of their £1 million lotto jackpot. The couple had purchased two lucky dip EuroMillions tickets from their local Tesco Extra store in Oldham before going on holiday to Spain in 2012. Upon their return, Maureen went to the Best One shop in Watersheddings, Oldham, and spoke to a shop worker named Farrakh Nizzar, also known as "Lucky." Little did they know, Nizzar would trick them out of their winnings. As soon as Mrs. Holt left the shop, Nizzar called Camelot, the lottery organizer, to claim the cash for himself.

Couple Falls Victim to Shop Worker's Scam

Upon returning from their holiday, Maureen Holt went to the Best One shop and asked Nizzar to check her lottery tickets for her. Nizzar informed her that she had not won and asked if she wanted the ticket back. Believing she hadn't won, Mrs. Holt handed over the ticket and purchased more lucky dip tickets for the following week. Unbeknownst to her, Nizzar had just scammed her out of the life-changing jackpot.

Scammer Pleads Guilty, Receives 30-Month Sentence

After an investigator confronted Nizzar, he pleaded guilty to the scam. He was sentenced to 30 months at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester. Recorder Philip Cattan emphasized the breach of trust Nizzar had committed, both towards Mrs. Holt and the shop that employed him. The couple expressed relief that justice had been served and stated that they can now look forward to enjoying their winnings and spending time with loved ones.

Camelot Stands Firm on Protecting Player Trust

Camelot, the lottery organizer, highlighted the importance of maintaining player trust. A spokesperson for the company stated that the sentence handed down to Nizzar demonstrates their commitment to not allowing trust in the National Lottery to be undermined in any way. The success of the National Lottery is built on player trust, and Camelot will continue to prioritize protecting that trust.

Lottery Scams Continue to Make Headlines

This incident comes on the heels of another audacious lottery scam, where two brothers attempted to use a "secret code" to rig the system. However, a mistake prevented them from claiming their ill-gotten gains. Eddie Tipton, who worked for the Multi-State Lottery Association in Iowa, USA, began the "Hot Lotto" fraud in 2005. The brothers' failed attempt serves as a reminder that lottery scams can be both elaborate and far-reaching.

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