I earn £60k a year in a job that has a bad reputation but anybody can do it and you don’t need a degree


EARNING a top wage in a job you love doesn’t mean years of training or a university degree.

Sheffield-based Sharon Owen, 54, decided to pursue money rather than studying and now has a salary that tops £60,000 a year.

Sharon Owen has her dream job

She says: “I knew that I was driven by money.

“This job’s allowed me to go away with my family to many destinations – move into a dream home and have my dream car.

 “Anybody can do it. You just have to have the right mindset, which is to work hard.”

Sharon is a branch partner at Haybrook letting agency in Sheffield covering South Yorkshire and lives in the countryside with husband Steven, their three Bengal cats, and with their son also coming to stay.

Every day is different, she says.

She could be doing market appraisals on a property to decide how much rent it should make.

Or she might be registering prospective tenant applications or touting for business.  

She says she is aware the industry has a ‘bad rep’ but is able to bring round the people she meets through work with her knowledge, professionalism and personality.

She adds: “My best part of the job is winning landlords over…

“Clients say I have charisma.

“People can see the passion.”

Rejection is part of the job. Sharon explains that the toughest part is when you feel you had a good connection with a landlord but they decide not to list a property.

She adds: “You’re going to get rejection, you just move on…

“The more people you speak to the more likely you are to get a result.

“I always know there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

Sharon went to college to study business but decided that she wanted to earn money rather than carrying on her education at university.

She worked in sales in the earlier part of her career, gaining recognition and promotions.

But decided to take a big pay cut to follow her passion for property and start a role on £15,000 at Haybrook in 2007.

She started as a trainee manager at Haybrook but was soon moved to managing lettings and earning a bigger salary.

The high earner says she has been taking home at least £60,000 for years.

Now when she hires people, Sharon says a degree isn’t necessary instead she is looking for people who are self-motivated, keen to do well and looking for a career.

She says: “They don’t have to have experience, just have to have transferable skills.

“If they have the hunger and desire to do the job, I’m interested.

“It is a sales environment, so if they’re not competitive, it’s not for them.

“They need to believe they’re the best.

“We have an established training department with a wealth of knowledge to support your journey

“So if anyone is looking for a career with us, send in a CV.”

Becoming an estate agent or lettings agent

The average estate agent salary is advertised as £36,986, according to data from job site Adzuna.

But some roles are advertised with six-figure salaries of £120,000 or more.

Estate agent salaries are often based around commission.

This means that if you meet certain targets, you will earn more.

Sharon says her commission is uncapped so there is no limit to how much she could take home each month.

Most estate agents will take on trainee agents and you don’t need experience or a degree.

The typical advertised salary for a trainee is £32,926, according to Adzuna.