I hate my neighbour’s back garden cabin – she put it up without planning permission… but council is taking her side

SHED OUTTA LUCK I hate my neighbour's back garden cabin - she put it up without planning permission... I want it torn down now https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=409433441358127&set=pcb.409433718024766

A RESIDENT of a small town has been left furious after their neighbour put up a garden cabin without planning permission.

Julie Buchanan uses the small structure as a base for her dog grooming business, but not everyone on her street is in favour.

Julie Buchanan uses her garden cabin as a base for her dog grooming business

The council approved planning permission

One neighbour complained that it was creating extra traffic as customers lined up to have their pooches given a trim.

They also said that cars were blocking driveways and idling in the street in Blackridge, Scotland.

However, despite the objection, the local council approved Ms Buchanan’s application for retrospective planning permission, since she had not gained it before building the cabin.

She told the council committee: “I work three days a week and the occasional Saturday and it generates two cars every two hours.

“The customers drop the dogs off and literally take two minutes, no one waits.

“Grooming can take between two to four hours, no-one sits outside with their car idling for that long.”

The dog groomer also claimed that, should the application be refused, she would be out of a job and would have to lay off one employee.

The committee approved her bid, with the chair Councillor Steuart Borrowman, saying: “It seems a modest unobtrusive business that has been endorsed by the ten neighbours who have chosen to contact me.

“The reality of the modern day, of delivery vans coming and going. That’s probably far more of a traffic management issue than this business.

“Knowing the property and how big the garden is I have no difficulty whatsoever with this.”

It comes after a woman revealed how their nightmare neighbour tried to tear down their fence in a raging boundary dispute.

Meanwhile, devastated homeowners have discovered that their newbuild home is now worthless after splashing out £900,000.

She uses the cabin for her business
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