I won £166k People’s Postcode Lottery… jackpot came ‘by chance’ after I moved into my home just doors from mum & dad


A family in Staplehurst, Kent, has won the People's Postcode Lottery jackpot of £166,666 not once, but twice. The incredible stroke of luck happened when Kelly Southby, 40, moved into a house just doors away from her parents. Both Kelly and her dad, Tony Frater, had winning tickets in the January 20 draw. This amazing win comes after six people on the same street won £1 million in the same lottery draw.

A Dream Come True

Kelly, who grew up in Staplehurst, said winning the lottery with her parents was a dream come true. She expressed her excitement, saying, "You dream of winning the lottery but to win it with my parents … it’s just incredible. It’s going to take forever to sink in. I was still shaking and then to be a part of it for them, and to see their faces – it was so special." Kelly, who works as a self-employed hairdresser, is now planning a birthday trip for her husband Jason, and even a family holiday.

A Month of Wins

Kelly's brother Marcus also got in on the winning streak when he won £1,000 on Premium Bonds in December. This means that the family has won the lottery three times in just one month. Kelly jokingly said that she might have some fun and send pictures of the cheque to her brother at random times.

Big Plans for the Future

With their newfound wealth, the Frater family is planning a big family holiday to celebrate Tony's 70th birthday later this year. Kelly is also planning a birthday trip for her husband Jason, and she no longer needs to save for a year to make it happen. The family is excited about the financial security the jackpot brings, and they can now do things without worrying about money.

A Community Win

Not only did the Fraters win big, but a local charity called The Paddock Wood Community Advice Centre near Tunbridge Wells also won £15,000 in the same lottery draw. The charity was started in 2012 after the local Citizens Advice office shut down. This win will help them continue their important work in the community.

Other Winners

Another lucky winner in the People's Postcode Lottery was Sue Lamb, a 62-year-old Royal Mail catering assistant from Birmingham who won £142,000. She and her husband Mark are planning to use the money to revamp their garden fence, which has seen years of playful battering from their three grandchildren. Gabrielle, another winner from the same draw, surprised her husband Pete with the news that she had been playing the People's Postcode Lottery and won a prize.

It just goes to show that sometimes, incredible things can happen when you least expect them. And for the Frater family, this unexpected stroke of luck has brought unimaginable joy and financial security.

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