Lotto Winner Refuses £100k Prize Over Phone Scam Concerns


Anne's Skepticism

Anne from Heald Green, Greater Manchester, rejected the lotto caller's news of her £100k win, wary of sharing bank details over the phone.

Heartwarming Wins

Grieving Tracy Mellor, alongside other winners in the same area, bagged £100,000 each on the People's Postcode Lottery, bringing solace in tough times.

Scam Alert

Anne hesitated even when receiving an email confirmation of her win, initially mistaking it for a scam, showing caution with her prize.

Community Support

Winners like Julie and Tracy plan to support local charities and centers, sharing their good fortune with the community.

Bittersweet Victory

Tracy Mellor's emotional win, dedicated to her late father, serves as a poignant reminder of loved ones' presence even in unexpected moments.

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