MARTIN Lewis reveals simple trick to save £100s when buying household essential


Money-saving expert shares cost-cutting tip on podcast

MARTIN Lewis recently shared a valuable tip on his podcast that could potentially save shoppers hundreds of pounds when purchasing a common household essential. The Money Saving Expert encouraged listeners who have experience working in shops or the retail sector to contribute their money-saving tips and tricks.

Insider tip on buying curtains could save shoppers big bucks

One listener, who previously worked in fabrics and furnishings, shared a money-saving insight on buying curtains. She revealed that shops often recommend buying curtains two to three times the width of your window for a better look, but it's not necessary. According to her, purchasing curtains at one-and-a-half times the width is sufficient and can result in significant savings. Additionally, opting for curtains with thermal or blackout lining can make them last longer and improve home insulation, ultimately reducing energy bills.

Expert advice to avoid overspending on curtains

Martin Lewis emphasized the potential savings from this simple tip, highlighting that curtains can be quite costly, especially if they are custom-made or of premium quality. By following the advice to buy curtains at one-and-a-half times the width, shoppers can keep some extra money in their pockets.

Further money-saving tips from Martin Lewis

Aside from the curtain hack, Martin Lewis also shared a clever trick to dodge the upcoming price hikes on Spotify subscriptions. Additionally, he warned Subway customers to utilize their loyalty points before the sandwich chain alters its rewards program. These money-saving insights from the Money Saving Expert can help consumers make smart choices and save money in their everyday purchases.

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