Man’s Pension Drops by £450k Due to ‘Software Glitch’


Saver Urges Others to Check Their Savings

A saver, John Thompson, 62, from Brighton, had a shocking experience when a "systems glitch" wiped £450,000 off his pension value. He noticed the error while checking his pension using the Aviva app on his phone.

App Shows Drastically Reduced Value

Expecting to see around £500,000, John was dismayed to find less than £48,000 in his pension pot, which he knew was a mistake. When he contacted customer service, he was met with disbelief.

Resolution and Apology from Aviva

After a few hours, Aviva rectified the error, citing it as a 'system glitch' during a recalculation of charges. John's pension value eventually returned to £498,000. Aviva has apologized for the incident and assured John that the issue has been fully resolved.

Concerns and Assurance

John questions if others have been affected by incorrect charges and urges people to check their pensions. Aviva clarified that ongoing product reviews led to higher charges on John's policy but assured that immediate action was taken to correct it.

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