Lotto winner Adrian Bayford upgrades £12m estate with Champagne-inspired vineyard


A sparkling addition

Lottery winner Adrian Bayford has made a significant change to his £12 million country estate by adding Meunier grape vines, commonly used in Champagne production. Although his fizz cannot carry the Champagne name as it's not from the French region, the move is expected to increase the value of his property.

Adding value

Experts predict that planting grapes for fizz production could be a profitable venture for Adrian as the climate in the region warms up. Wine blogger Jane Clare mentioned that with the warming climate, it's easier to ripen grapes to create quality sparkling wines, giving a positive outlook for Adrian's new business venture.

Turning fortunes around

Adrian's decision to enhance his estate comes after he took his property off the market due to a lack of buyers. With the addition of the vineyard, he aims to boost the saleability of his home, a move reportedly influenced by his fiancée, Tracey Biles. Friends of Adrian applaud his entrepreneurial spirit and hope to see "Chateau Bayford" available for purchase soon.

The story of another winner

In a contrasting tale, Mark Gardiner from Hastings, East Sussex, continued working after winning a £22 million lotto jackpot in 1995. Despite investing in his business and luxury items like a Grade II listed mansion, the win led to the end of his friendship with his lotto partner, who tragically passed away last year.

Investing in the future

Elsewhere, Joe and Jess Thwaite, the UK's second-biggest lottery winners, have announced the launch of an investment fund following their £184 million EuroMillions win. The couple plans to invest in their new company, Issodola, managed by wealth manager Evelyn Partners. Clients looking to invest would need to commit a significant sum, with additional fees required annually.

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