Martin Lewis Reveals How Brits Can Slash Their Broadband Bill and Double Speed


Millions of Brits Could Benefit from Black Friday Broadband Deals

Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert, has shared a valuable tip on his show that could help seven million Brits save money and increase their internet speed. Lewis explained that there are Black Friday broadband and line switch deals available, particularly for those who are currently out of contract. By taking advantage of these deals, customers could potentially halve their monthly bill and double their internet speed.

The Three Best Broadband Deals

During his show, Lewis highlighted the top three broadband deals that are currently on offer. The first deal is with Shell Energy Broadband, where customers can pay the equivalent of £17 a month for 67Mb speed fibre and a phone line. By paying £10 upfront and £24 a month, customers can also receive a £90 or £100 Amazon voucher, significantly reducing their overall yearly cost.

The second best deal is with PlusNet, which offers 145Mb speeds and full fibre for the equivalent of £25 a month. Although the monthly cost is £27, customers can claim a £50 prepaid card. However, this deal is only available to approximately 52% of the population, as it requires a direct fibre connection to homes.

The third deal is with Vodafone, where customers can get 500Mb speeds of full fibre for the equivalent of £30 a month. Although the cost is £32 a month, customers can claim a £50 or £55 voucher for Amazon, M&S, or Tesco. Similar to the previous deal, this offer is only available to about half the population due to limited availability of fibre connections.

Don't Miss Out on Free Cash and Car Check

In addition to the broadband deals, Lewis also highlighted two other money-saving opportunities. He urged parents to make an "absolutely crucial" check that could potentially earn them £48,000 for free. Currently, about 200,000 families are missing out on this cash, so it's important to take advantage of it.

Furthermore, drivers can benefit from a free winter essentials car check at Halfords. By signing up for the Halfords Club, drivers can receive a free 10-point winter car check without any purchase required. This check covers important areas such as break lights, wiper blades, battery health, screen wash, and tyre depth. It's a valuable service that can be obtained at no cost.

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