Popular Aldi Stir Fry Sparks Health Warning over Hidden Ingredient


Alert Over Aldi's Ready Set Cook Beef Teriyaki Stir Fry

Supermarket Aldi has issued a food scare warning over its Ready Set Cook beef teriyaki stir fry, which may pose a health threat. Priced at £3.99, the stir fry contains an undisclosed ingredient, wheat, which can be harmful to individuals with coeliac disease.

Risk to Coeliac Disease Sufferers

Coeliac disease sufferers are unable to digest gluten, which is found in wheat. Consuming gluten can lead to symptoms such as rashes, difficulty breathing, and even unconsciousness. In severe cases, it can cause anaphylactic shock, where the throat swells and the individual can choke to death. According to the NHS, approximately 1 in every 100 people is affected by coeliac disease.

Product Recall and Refund

An urgent product recall has been issued through the Food Standards Agency for all 500g packs of Aldi's Ready Set Cook beef teriyaki stir fry with use by dates up to October 22. Customers who have purchased the product and have coeliac disease or gluten intolerance are advised not to consume it. They can return the product to Aldi for a full refund.

Aldi Apologizes for Falling Short of Standards

Aldi has apologized for the oversight, stating that the product did not meet their usual high standards. The supermarket chain is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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