Shoppers Rush to Buy £7.50 Plant that Eliminates Mould and Damp


Smart shoppers are flocking to purchase a £7.50 houseplant that effectively banishes mould and damp from their homes.

The Best Air Cleaner Available

A gardening expert has hailed this affordable and cheerful greenery as "the best air cleaner available".

Affordable Solution to Mould and Damp

With many mould and damp removal products being expensive, cost-conscious shoppers are turning to this £7.50 decor item to tackle the problem.

Instead of investing in an expensive air humidifier, gardening expert Angela Slater recommends a palm plant.

Angela, from Hayes Garden World, explains that mould is caused by cool, damp temperatures in the home and can be unsightly, difficult to remove, and a health hazard, especially for those with asthma.

A 40-60% Reduction in Fungal Spores and Bacteria

Studies have shown that by introducing an effective houseplant, there can be a significant reduction of 40 to 60 percent in fungal spores and bacteria.

"They reduce the humidity in a room, which is the cause of mould, by absorbing the moisture through their leaves," Angela adds.

The Power of Palm Plants

Palm plants are among the best indoor plants for air cleaning and are excellent at removing common causes of mould, such as excess moisture, xylene, and formaldehyde, through their leaves.

Angela recommends looking out for Areca palms, bamboo palms, lady palms, and reed palms.

These leafy air cleaners require ample light but don't need to be watered frequently, making them perfect for beginners.

"As large specimen plants are more capable of removing a greater amount of moisture, they are the perfect choice as they usually come in a large size," she explains.

Get Your Palm Plant at B&Q

B&Q is selling a beautiful palm plant for just £7.50, combining style with practical function for your home.

The Parlour Palm in a 12cm Terracotta Plastic Grow pot could be the perfect addition to your decor.