Slash Your Energy Bills with This Handy Hardware Store Item


Households have discovered a simple and affordable solution to reduce energy bills by as much as £45. A draught excluder from B&Q is being hailed as the key to lower energy costs, with prices starting at just £4.79. By using adhesive tape to seal windows and doors, homeowners can prevent warm air from escaping and keep their houses warmer, ultimately reducing the need for excessive heating.

Save up to £45 a Year

According to The Energy Saving Trust, placing draught excluders around windows and doors can save households up to £45 per year. By effectively keeping chills out, homeowners can minimize the use of their heating systems, resulting in significant cost savings on energy bills. B&Q offers a 5m self-adhesive draft excluder for just £4.49, providing homeowners with ample tape to seal their windows and doors.

Easy Application and Positive Feedback

The self-adhesive seal tape offered by B&Q is easy to apply, requiring only peeling and sticking onto a window or door frame. Commenters on the B&Q website have praised the effectiveness of the tape, with one user stating, "Did what I needed on a draught coming in a window, stocks well and the brush stops the draught coming in." Another user remarked, "Great for filling in those draughty gaps in windows. Easy to apply."

Additional Ways to Save on Energy Bills

While draught excluders are an excellent solution, there are other simple and cost-effective methods to reduce energy costs. For example, only turn on the radiators in the rooms you are using to avoid heating unnecessary spaces. Additionally, lowering your thermostat by just one degree can result in savings of up to £100 per year. Consider wearing a jumper instead of increasing the temperature when it gets colder outside. Another tip is to place foil behind your radiator to reflect and circulate more hot air throughout your home, potentially saving you £20 annually.

Financial Assistance and Grants

For those struggling with rising energy bills, there are financial assistance programs available. Energy suppliers offer cash grants to help those most affected by the cost increases. British Gas, for example, has a hardship fund that provides up to £1,500 in free cash towards bills. Additionally, the Warm Home Discount scheme offers a £150 reduction on energy bills.

By implementing these tips and utilizing affordable solutions like draught excluders, households can significantly reduce their energy bills and save money in the long run.

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