UK’s Cheapest Supermarket Petrol Station Revealed – Save Up to £7 on Fuel


Fuel prices in the UK have reached their highest level this year, but motorists can save up to £7 per tank by filling up at a certain petrol station. According to The AA, the average price of petrol has risen to 155.77p per litre this week, up from 149.06p last month. The price of diesel has also increased from 150.50p per litre in August to 159.64p per litre this week.

Supermarkets Offer the Best Deals

Supermarkets are offering some of the best deals on fuel, with Asda ranking as the cheapest option for both petrol and diesel. Asda charges an average of 151.59p per litre for petrol and 154.11p per litre for diesel. Sainsbury’s follows closely, charging 151.43p per litre for petrol and 154.13p per litre for diesel. Tesco and Morrisons are slightly more expensive, while Morrisons is the most expensive option, charging 155.29p per litre for petrol and 158.32p per litre for diesel.

Fuel Bargains in Smaller Towns

The AA has found that motorists can save up to 10-13p below the UK average for petrol, and even more on diesel, at specific petrol stations. These savings can amount to £5-£7 per tank of fuel. Interestingly, the cheapest petrol stations are not located only in big cities and towns with superstores. Instead, towns with populations of 60,000 or fewer offer the biggest surprises in terms of fuel prices.

How to Find the Cheapest Fuel

Websites like and Fleet News allow motorists to search for petrol stations with the best prices near their location. These sites provide daily price information for various fuel types, including unleaded, diesel, super unleaded, and premium diesel. By entering their postcode and distance they are willing to travel for fuel, users can find the best deals in their area. Other comparison tools, such as those on and Allstar, are also available to help users find the lowest petrol prices.

It is important to note that fuel prices can vary depending on location and from week to week, so it’s always a good idea to compare and make sure you are getting the best deal. Additionally, there are other ways to cut down on petrol costs, such as using these six tips to make a tank of petrol last longer.

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