Outrage as Police Allow Anti-Israel Protesters to Project Inflammatory Slogan at Parliament


Police Criticized for Inaction

Police have come under fire for allegedly bowing down to an anti-Israel mob at Parliament. Protesters projected a controversial slogan on to the building during a debate on a Gaza war ceasefire, with officers accused of standing by.

Controversial Phrase Projected

The protesters lit up the Commons with the inflammatory phrase 'from the river to the sea', sparking outrage and condemnation.

Accusations of Ignoring Anti-Semitic Abuse

Jewish Tory Andrew Percy criticized the police for seemingly ignoring the rise in anti-Semitic abuse following recent events in the region. He highlighted the seriousness of the situation and called for action to be taken.

Response from Authorities

Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt stated that authorities were investigating the incident, while a Met spokesman clarified that the use of the slogan in a public protest setting is not considered a criminal offense.

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