Rishi Sunak Vows to Introduce Emergency Legislation to Override Supreme Court Defeat


PM Vows to Protect Deportation Scheme

After the Supreme Court blocked Britain's deportation scheme to Rwanda, Rishi Sunak has pledged to introduce emergency legislation to prevent foreign courts from interfering with the deportation of illegal migrants. The Prime Minister expressed his disagreement with the court's decision but emphasized his respect for the rule of law.

New Treaty with Rwanda

Sunak announced that the government is working on a new international treaty with Rwanda to strengthen the deportation scheme. This treaty will provide legal protection for those relocated to Rwanda and ensure that they will not be removed from the country without a court order.

Possible Changes to Domestic Legal Frameworks

If necessary, the Prime Minister stated that he is prepared to change domestic legal frameworks and revisit international relationships to prevent any further obstacles to the deportation scheme. This could include reforms to Britain's membership in the European Convention of Human Rights and other treaties.

Defeat Strikes Blow to PM's Pledge

The Supreme Court's ruling against the deportation scheme is seen as a significant setback to the Prime Minister's promise to stop the boats and control illegal migration. Opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer criticized the government, stating that the central pillar of their policies had crumbled.

New Treaty Expands Settling Rights

Under the proposed treaty with Rwanda, even asylum seekers who fail the processing will have a legal right to settle in Rwanda. This addresses concerns about potentially unsafe returns to their home countries.

Tory MPs Demand Legislative Action

Tory MPs, including former Home Secretary Suella Braverman, called for emergency legislation to override the European Convention of Human Rights, the Human Rights Act, and other legal challenges. They argue that effective immigration control cannot be achieved within the current legal framework.

Tory Revolt Threatens PM's Leadership

Some Tory MPs have warned that the Prime Minister's response to the defeat will be seen as a confidence issue. They demand immediate legislative action to fulfill the government's promises on immigration control and border security.

Stakes High for Conservative Party

The Supreme Court's judgment has raised concerns among Tories, with some suggesting that the party's future is at risk. They believe that the court's decision undermines the sovereign will of the British people and call for a robust response.

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