Harry and Meghan to return 2.4m of taxpayers cash spent on Frogmore Cottage but how will they pay it back


HOW Meghan and Harry will repay back all 2.4million of the taxpayers cash which they splashed out on Frogmore Cottage is unclear.

In a seismic statement this evening, The Queen said the couple will not only payback the cash they used to renovate their UK home, but also lose their HRH titles and lose public funds from Spring.

Meghan and Harry will pay back 2.4million of public funds they used to renovate their UK home

Frogmore Cottage was renovated in June to turn five separate homes into a single property

Earlier this month, Meghan and Harry said they quit the Royal Family so they can become financially independent while dividing their time between the UK and North America.

But they insisted Harry’s dad Prince Charles will still pay for 95 per cent of their brand-Sussex costs through the Duchy of Cornwall.

Although Charles’ money is private cash, we understand that if Meghan and Harry were not receiving it, it would have been given to the government to fund more public costs.


We told last year how the couple have quietly built up a commercial team in Hollywood, including Meghans former business manager and PR company Sunshine Sachs.

Prince Harry is believed to be worth around 30.5million and Meghan an estimated 3.5million thanks to her acting career.

They are set to bring in millions from lucrative commercial deals, which will be added to their already staggering 33million fortune.

Harry was even filmed recommending his wife to Disney chief, Bob Iger, for a voiceover job, months before she landed one.

The Duke, 35, pointed to his wife and said in hushed tones: “You do know she does voiceovers?”

Mr Iger, looking surprised, replies “ah I did not know that”, before Harry continues “you seem surprised, she’s really interested”.

Last week it emerged Meghan has signed a deal with Disney in return for a donation to a wildlife charity.

UK branding expert Claire Shiels said the couples value could quickly challenge the Beckhams, worth700million.

According to theTimes, senior members of the royal family accusedHarry and Meghan of already signing a deal with “firms including Disney” in tense talks before Christmas.


The couple splashed the cash in June, to fully modernise the historic 219-year-old property installing luxuries.

They moved into the property, which was a gift from the Queen, a month before baby Archie Harrison was born.

Meghan and Harry are understood to have spent money on revamping their kitchen with “fine furnishings” for a kitchen, living room and nursery room for baby Archie.

Meghanchose eco-friendly, toxin-free and vegan paint for the redecoration, which was reportedly overseen by designer Vicky Charles.

Sources claim Her Majesty is angry at the amount spent, now that the couple intend to start a new life in Canada.

Royal accounts said at the time, the renovated of Frogmore Cottage was paid out of the Sovereign Grant and involved the “reconfiguration and full refurbishment of five residential units in poor condition to create the official residence for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex”.

The kitchen with “fine furnishings” for a kitchen, living room and nursery room for baby Archie.


Tonight the Palace revealed details of the couple’s future as the Megxit deal was sealed.

This new arrangement is expected to be rolled out in spring of this year, which means they will be carrying out royal engagements and Meghan will be returning to the UK.

The couple “will not use their HRH titles as they are no longer working members of the Royal Family”.

It is understood that in return for dropping the use of the HRH titles, there will be no oversight on how the couple earn money, meaning they can make whatever commercial deals they want.