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Meghan Markle Allegedly Exploits Princess Diana’s Legacy for Business Gain, Royal Expert Claims


Meghan Markle has allegedly used Princess Diana's legacy to promote her new business venture, according to a royal expert's scathing remarks. The Duchess of Sussex recently unveiled her latest brand on social media, strategically timed just before Prince William's appearance at the Diana Legacy Awards.

Timing Strategy

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams criticized the timing of Meghan's business launch, suggesting it was a calculated move. The launch occurred just moments before the Diana Legacy Awards event, where Prince Harry was also set to participate.

Meticulously Planned

According to Fitzwilliams, Meghan's decision to unveil her new home goods brand on the same day as the Diana Legacy Awards was part of a carefully orchestrated plan. Insiders revealed that the brand, named 'American Riviera Orchard,' will focus on home, food, garden, and lifestyle goods.

Strategic Moves

Richard Fitzwilliams emphasized that the Sussexes are known for their intentional actions and suggested that they leveraged the media attention surrounding the royal rift between the brothers to promote their new venture and an award from Archwell.

Royal Participation

Prince William and Prince Harry both played significant roles at the Diana Legacy Awards event, with William highlighting his mother's belief in the potential of young people to make a difference. Meanwhile, Harry engaged with award winners through a video call, acknowledging their contributions to preserving Diana's legacy.

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