Prince Andrew on Strict New Year Diet, Staff Say it Puts Him in a ‘Foul Mood’


Duke of York Focusing on Weight Loss

Prince Andrew is believed to be on a strict New Year diet — but some staff say it can put him in a "foul mood". The Duke of York, 63, was this week holed up in his 31-room mansion Royal Lodge as he continued his weight loss programme.

Special Diet Causes Irritability

A source said: "Andrew has been in a terrible mood and more grumpy than usual. But it has nothing to do with the unsealed court files. It's because he is on a special diet. He hates it and it makes him irritable."

Brother King Charles Refusing to Pay for Indian Healer

Andrew's health kick comes after it was revealed last year that his brother King Charles was refusing to pay his £32,000-a-year bill for an Indian healer. The male yogi is said to treat him using chanting, massages, and holistic therapy, and stays for around a month in his mansion.

Prince Andrew's 'Lockdown'

Andrew was seen yesterday driving his Land Rover Defender to Windsor Castle. At around 1pm, he returned to Royal Lodge where he has reportedly decided to "lock himself away in a room" to avoid the fallout of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Charles has tried to distance himself from his younger brother after the court papers in New York sparked more calls for the duke to be stripped of his title and booted out of Royal Lodge.

Allegations and Regrets

Included in the court documents were claims that Andrew took part in an underage orgy on Epstein's private resort, Little Saint James, and that sex tapes involving Andrew were made by Epstein. The papers also contained claims he had "knowledge of jailed Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein's trafficking conduct". The royal said he "regrets" his friendship with Epstein and paid millions of pounds to Virginia Giuffre in an out-of-court settlement in 2022 without admitting liability.