Princess Charlotte Shows Leadership Qualities, Says Body Language Expert


Princess Charlotte Takes Charge

According to body language expert Judi James, Princess Charlotte is displaying strong leadership qualities within the Royal Family. The assessment comes after Prince William and Princess Kate shared a new Christmas photo of their children, showing Charlotte with her arms around her brothers, Prince Louis and Prince George.

Confidence and Protection

Judi James notes that Charlotte's body language in the photo suggests that she sees herself as both a leader and a protector. Sitting in the middle with her arms around her brothers, Charlotte exudes confidence and determination. Her wide smile indicates pride, while her feet firmly on the ground demonstrate her self-assurance.

Sibling Dynamics

Charlotte's interaction with her brothers is also revealing. Judi points out that Prince Louis leans in to show his affection and respect for his big sister, while the positioning of Charlotte's leg suggests that Louis sees her as a playmate. As for Prince George, he is depicted as the mature one in the group, with his symmetrical body language and confident smile.

A Special Christmas Photo

The black and white photo, released on Christmas morning, was taken by photographer Josh Shinner. It is the second image he has captured for the royal family, following their Christmas card photo. Shinner, known for his work with celebrities, was chosen by Prince William and Princess Kate after photographing events surrounding the Queen's funeral.

Overall, the photo captures the sibling dynamics and Charlotte's emerging leadership qualities within the Royal Family.