Where will Prince Harry stay during the coronation?

Copyright Peter Jordan Commissioned by The Sun. Story by Prince Harry, arriving at the high court in London for his case, against associated newspapers Picture shows: Date: Today Thursday 30th March 2023

PRINCE Harry will travel back to the UK for the momentous occasion of his King Charles’ coronation.

The estranged royal will be travelling without his wife Meghan Markle or their children – here’s where he’ll stay while in the country.

Prince Harry will be attending the event alone

Where will Prince Harry stay during the coronation?

Prince Harry will make his solo trip across from America to attend the coronation of King Charles III, his father.

While the event will be a momentous occasion for the Royal Family as a whole, it will be a bitter sweet pill for Prince Harry.

He will spend his time when in the UK, residing at Frogmore Cottage, which has been the home of him and his wife since 2019.

It could well be the last time he stays at Frogmore Cottage as they have been asked to move out in the summer, a request made by King Charles.

The London residence will be his home base when visiting for the coronation but could more so be a chance to collect his belongings to take back home with him after the event.

Will Prince Harry appear on the balcony after the coronation?

Pictures are resurfacing of the first time that Prince Harry appeared on the Royal balcony in the lead up to the coronation.

It has been decided that after King Charles’ big day, only working royals will be appearing on the balcony.

As a result, Prince Harry will join the rest of us, looking up and admiring the view of the royals.

It was 1987 when a two-year-old Prince Harry first appeared on the balcony at Buckingham Palace and the footage has got more than two million views on TikTok as a result.

Why isn’t Meghan Markle attending the coronation?

While an official reason has not been given why Meghan Markle isn’t attending the event a few reasons have been cited by sources close to the couple.

Apparently, Meghan wants to be there to support her father-in-law on the momentous occasion but the couple feel the media circus that would surround such a visit would far outweigh the benefit of her attending.

Another reason for the stay in America has been suggested that it is due to the fact their children Archie and Lilibet not being involved in the festivities plays a part also.

The weekend in question is actually the fourth birthday of Archie and gives the couple a good official reason for her stay across the pond.

Due to the attention their recent interviews and Prince Harry’s book, Spare, a lot of negative attention has been thrust upon the Royal Family.

The potential of the couple attending the coronation would stir up a lot of the negativity which has been openly discussed with Oprah Winfrey in their exclusive interview in America.

Are Archie and Lilibet attending the coronation?

The children are staying at home in America with Meghan Markle as they celebrate Archie’s fourth birthday.

As there was no intention for Archie and Lilibet to be involved in the coronation event, the decision was taken that they will not travel to the UK for King Charles’ celebrations.

Sources have said that Meghan Markle was upset that the children are not earmarked to be involved at all, spurring her decision to stay at home.

Meanwhile, King Charles is said to be upset that his grandchildren are not coming to his coronation event.