Who is Peter Phillips? The Eldest Grandchild of the Late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip


Peter Phillips, the eldest grandchild of the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, is often seen at milestone royal events. Born on November 15, 1977, to Princess Anne and her first husband Captain Mark Phillips, Peter did not inherit a royal title at birth as titles are passed down through the male line. His parents rejected an offer from the Queen for titles, wanting their child to have a normal life. While Peter is related to the British Royal Family, he and his sister Zara do not carry out royal duties.

Peter Phillips' Personal Life and Relationship with Autumn

Peter Phillips' personal life has been in the spotlight. In February 2020, he announced his split from his Canadian wife Autumn, with whom he has two daughters, Savannah and Isla. Autumn, a management consultant, met Peter at the 2003 Canadian Grand Prix and later moved to the UK to live with him in Kensington, London. The couple married in 2008 but divorced in 2020, prioritizing their children's well-being and ongoing friendship.

Peter Phillips' Children: Savannah and Isla

Peter Phillips and Autumn have two daughters. Savannah, born in December 2010, is the oldest great-grandchild of the late Queen Elizabeth. She is currently 18th in line to the throne and the first Canadian citizen to be in the line of succession to the thrones of the Commonwealth realms. In July 2012, Autumn gave birth to their second daughter, Isla Elizabeth. Isla is 19th in line to the throne, and it has been speculated that her middle name is in honor of the Queen, although this has never been officially confirmed.