Alfie Moon gets huge news as he’s rushed to hospital in EastEnders


AFTER watching all the drama unfold in the Square, Alfie Moon is thrown back into the spotlight with a new hard-hitting storyline.

The EastEnders legend played by Shane Richie is hit with a bombshell as he’s taken to hospital next week following troubling symptoms.

Alfie Moon gets huge news next week

It begins after Tommy Moon lashes out against him

Phil Mitchell encourages him to seek help

Alfie Moon returned to Albert Square in late 2022, after finding out that his former wife Kat Slater had moved on and was ready for marriage again with Phil Mitchell.

The character had been absent for three years, leaving Kat and his children alone in Walford.

In scenes airing next week on BBC One, Alfie realises that one of his children is having trouble forgiving him for his absence.

It all begins when Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) turns up at the bookies and asks Alfie to mind Tommy and Ernie whilst Kat is away visiting her sister Little Mo.

A downbeat Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) arrives for a pep-talk with Alfie and unknowingly lets slip that Tommy revealed the truth about where to find Graham.

Tommy (Sonny Kendall) and Alfie have a huge row back at No.55 before the youngster heads to the park with Perry.

Alfie is horrified when he finally finds him, and orders Tommy home where the pair clash again.

Phil intercepts and shares some harsh views on Alfie’s parenting.

Meanwhile, chaos ensues at the bookies as Freddie attempts to take control of Ernie.

Back at No.55, Alfie tries to make amends with his son and he tries to smooth things over again in later scenes by apologising for being an absent father.

However, things soon turn sour when he forbids him from seeing Perry and Tommy lashes out physically.

Once he learns about his behaviour, Phil shares that Tommy also lashed out at his own mother Kat and the pair decide to take the lad to the Boxing Den.

While there, Phil notices that Alfie is still grimacing in pain and demands Alfie visit the hospital once Tommy has left.

Alfie tries to distract himself by providing support to Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) who is debating about fighting for custody of Janine and Mick’s baby.

He agrees to meet the solicitor with Linda as Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) is quick to rubbish the idea along with George Knight.

Later, Tommy spots Alfie getting a cab to the hospital where he is given huge life-changing news.

Alfie then gets drunk at Peggy’s and falls out with Phil, before heading to The Vic to apologise to Linda for missing the meeting.

While she may be feeling reluctant to give him the time of day, Linda notices Alfie is not his usual self, but he covers.

Will he turn to anybody for support?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Alfie rows with his son Tommy next week

But could his life be on the line?