Emmerdale reveals who really killed Al Chapman and how in explosive flashback episode


EMMERDALE has revealed what exactly happened when Al Chapman was killed in a dramatic flashback episode.

The scheming businessman – who was played by actor Michael Wildman in the ITV soap – died after being shot in a barn last week.

Emmerdale fans have got to watch exactly how Al Chapman died

Kyle was seen shooting him in the barn

Viewers thought at first that Cain Dingle had killed him, with him taking the gun and luring Al into a fight.

But on Friday night, it was revealed that Cain’s son Kyle was really responsible – and tonight the soap showed how.

Cain explained how Kyle had snuck into the barn after following his dad there and watched while hiding.

But when it looked like Al was getting the better of Cain, he ran up and grabbed the gun and told Al to get away from his dad.

Al and Cain both panicked and tried to get Kyle to put the gun down.

But as the 10-year-old stepped back, he tripped and the gun fired – shooting Al dead.

Moira was horrified and devastated by what she was told but wouldn’t give up in convincing Cain to tell the truth.

“This is not the first time we’ve been here but this time feels different,” Moira told him. 

“It feels final. I want it to be a bad dream that I wake up from but I’m not going to wake up, am I? 

“You’re going to tell me to forget about you, but that’s not going to happen. “

Cain told her that he is facing 30 years in prison – and that he needs to know she will be happy so he can get through it.

“I just don’t want you to be lonely,” he said as he made her promise to keep Kyle safe – but she refused to keep his secret.

And meanwhile Kyle had confessed all to his mum Amy, who demanded he stay quiet and let Cain take the fall.

Viewers were left emotional by the episode, especially when Moria vowed to stand by Cain.

One posted four ‘crying’ emojis on Twitter, simply writing: “Cain and Moria.”

A second said: “I’m sobbing. Cain and Moira.”

And another added: “#Emmerdale that was a powerful and heart breaking episode.”

Cain told Moira exactly what happened

He is facing 30 years in prison

Cain told her he needs to protect his son

Kyle also broke down as he told his mum the truth